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About Indian Goddess Boutique

Created by Aparna Singh in 2015, a first generation Indian, born in the U.S. Model, actress, and influencer who has modeled for Paul Mitchell and Van Micheal hair salon and has had featured roles in movies such as The Fate Of The Furious, Spidermen-homecoming, Jumanji, & many more.

"I always had a love for the beauty from my culture especially the fashion and style. I would always wear bindis and people would constantly stop me and compliment me on my bindi and then asked where they could buy one. After a trip to India the idea came to me and in 2015 Indian Goddess Boutique was born. I love sharing my culture to the world and I love how people can appreciate my culture as well. My goal is to create the perfect package of bindis and I think this time, we nailed it! We also carry exclusive designs of Indian styled nose rings, swimwear, and face masks and we are constantly creating new products to make our customers feel like the goddess they are! We are honored to have been also featured in Forbes India.”

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The name "Indian Goddess Boutique" comes from my first name, Aparna which is the name of an Indian Goddess, Parvati, 


About The Bindi

The bindi is a fashionable, beautiful, type sticker that is worn between the eyebrows; originating from South Asian cultures. The bindi has evolved from a red powder to beautiful jewels that is appreciated by cultures around the world. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It represents the third eye.

We offer the most luxurious packaged and designed bindis. With a variety of gold, silver, gold and silver, red, multi-colored, and all colored pack of bindis in all sizes, with custom slanted tweezers for precise placement, and customized bindi adhesive for reuse; we literally offer the perfect pack of bindis!

All bindis are handmade in India