Bindi Maintenance

The bindi is made of a sticker like material. Gently peel off the bindi from the sheet. The best way to do this without damaging the bindi is to use our custom tweezers. After carefully peeling off the bindi simply place in desired area, usually between the eyebrows (the third eye).

You can reuse your bindi many times especially now with our custom bindi adhesive which is also included in your bindi packaging! It is suggested to always put the bindi back onto the sheet and back into the luxury box after usage. When your bindi is losing adhesive and not sticking, use our custom glue and dab a small bit on the bindi and place where desired. Please check ingredients of eyelash glue to prevent skin allergies.

Bindi Adhesive Ingredients: LATEX FREE and LONG LASTING. Net 7ml. Ingredients polyacrylate, ethanol, deionized water, benzoic acid. CAUTION: avoid contact with your eyes directly. For external use only! Keep out reach of children.