Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What type of nose rings do you carry?

We carry hoops, dangling hoop nose rings, clip on nose rings, and nose cuffs

Is it cultural appropriation by wearing your nose ring?

Great question! The controversy of Indian nose rings comes from nathes which are a bigger hoop or stud type nose ring that is used in Indian marriages. Our nose rings are not nathes but simply Indian inspired and it completely fine for everyone to wear.

What are your nose rings made of?

We offer a variety of nose rings most of them being made of brass or brass with gold plating. Please read description for full details 

Which nose ring would you recommend for sensitive skin?

For sensitive skin we recommend our gold plated options. Our styles that are made of brass can cause irritation.

What kind of end are your nose ring? L shape? Hoop?

All our nose rings are an adjustable hoop you can tighten by pushing the ends together

Will your brass nose rings tarnish?

Because they are made of brass they can tarnish over time just like any jewelry that is not purely made of silver or gold. Many factors contribute to how long until it may tarnish such as wear, if you wear it in the shower, and even climate from where you are located.

Can I wear my nose ring in the shower?

Though we have had customers wear their nose ring weeks or months in the shower and not taking it off whatsoever we do not recommend this. Simply taking it off before showering can keep your nose ring to last longer.

How can I prevent my brass nose rings from tarnishing?

We recommend using a clear sealant such as clear nail polish. We really recommend the brand jewelry shield which is perfect for those with skin sensitivity. Simply coat your nose ring with a layer of sealant and let it dry for 20 minutes and your good to go! Please read all ingredients before applying.

What size are your nose rings?

All of our nose rings are 20 gauge

About the Bindi

The bindi is a fashionable, beautiful, type sticker that is worn between the eyebrows; originating from South Asian cultures. The bindi has evolved from a red powder to beautiful jewels that is appreciated by cultures around the world. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It represents the third eye.

We offer the most luxurious packaged and designed bindis. With a variety of gold, silver, gold and silver, red, multi-colored, and all colored pack of bindis in all sizes, with custom slanted tweezers for precise placement, and customized bindi adhesive for reuse; we literally offer the perfect pack of bindis which had us featured in Forbes India and Yahoo News.

All bindis are handmade in India 


Is it cultural appropriation to wear bindis?

Though bindis can be more controversial to wear please understand that bindis have an important and significant meaning in the Indian culture. It represents your third eye and is said to retain energy and concentration. This come from being placed on a vein between your eyebrows which is said to unlease special senses. Most Indians love seeing people of other cultures embracing their culture but please do your research and understand and respect the meaning behind it. Please don't just wear a bindi because you think it looks “cool” without knowing the meaning whatsoever. For example a plain red dot bindi (we do not carry) represents someone who is married so by being unmarried wearing a red dot bindi, it may looked down upon.

Bindi Maintenance

The bindi is made of a sticker like material. Gently peel off the bindi from the sheet. The best way to do this without damaging the bindi is to use our custom tweezers. After carefully peeling off the bindi simply place in desired area, usually between the eyebrows (the third eye).

You can reuse your bindi many times especially now with our custom bindi adhesive which is also included in your bindi packaging! It is suggested to always put the bindi back onto the sheet and back into the luxury box after usage. When your bindi is losing adhesive and not sticking, use our custom glue and dab a small bit on the bindi and place where desired. Please check ingredients of eyelash glue to prevent skin allergies.

Bindi Adhesive Ingredients: LATEX FREE and LONG LASTING. Net 7ml. Ingredients polyacrylate, ethanol, deionized water, benzoic acid. CAUTION: avoid contact with your eyes directly. For external use only! Keep out reach of children.  

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we do not offer any returns once your order has been shipped. Of course if you are experiencing an issue please email us at and we will do the best to resolve the issue

How long after I placed my order will it be shipped?

We try our hardest to ship out your order ASAP but please keep in mind we are a small business and typically orders are shipped 2-5 days or sooner! We offer 2 day shipping for those who need their order right away as well!

What’s the difference between your brass nose rings and gold plated nose rings?

Our gold plated nose rings are hypoallergenic and tarnish free as our brass nose rings are not. Even within time our gold plated nose rings can fade but last much longer than our brass nose rings.

Do you do collaborations?

We are constantly looking for new influencers to work with! Please e-mail for further information

Do you offer special gifting for orders?

Yes! Upon checkout please leave a note requesting special gifting and you may even include a message we can write for your special order.! 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we are located right outside Atlanta, Georgia USA but we do ship worldwide!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated at checkout but at average $4 USD for US orders and $15 USD for international orders

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do! Please email contact@indiangoddessboutique for wholesale inquiries

Do you offer pick up orders?

Yes we do! Upon checkout use the pick up option. Shortly after placing your order we will email or text you further options on how to pick up your order so please make sure you leave an email or phone number. We are located in Duluth, Georgia. 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta

Do you offer deliveries?

If you are located in Atlanta and need some accessories ASAP, we got you! Please DM us via Instagram or e-mail us and we will gladly assist you. Please note all drop off orders must be an order of at least $75.

Do you style for photo or video shoots?

Yes we do! Please e-mail us your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist!

Do you have a store?

As of now we are only online